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Frk. Jensens kogebog: Lækre ris a la mande opskrifter! Klik her for at få munden til at løbe i vand.

Ris a la mande Alletiders Kogebog

frk jensens kogebog ris a la mande

Effortlessly mixing sweet Christmas memories with a timeless dessert, ris a la mande, Frk. Jensens Kogebog remains a staple in Danish cuisine. Through its classic recipe to its various deviations, the cookbook has created a strong legacy, leaving Danes asking, “Who is Frk. Jensen?” But most importantly, “How do I make the perfect ris a la mande?”

Baggrund for Frk. Jensens Kogebog

Frk. Jensens Kogebog, or Miss Jensen’s Cookbook, is a culinary Bible for Danish cuisine. First published in 1901, it’s become a fundamental Danish cookbook, winning the hearts of countless home cooks. The cookbook brings together beloved family recipes and innovative versions of old favorites, allowing Frk. Jensen to experiment in the kitchen and broaden traditional dishes’ horizon.

Jenssen, the author of the cookbook, was an actual person who passed down her knowledge through generations, resulting in the creation of the renowned cookbook. While it’s unclear who the original Frk. Jensen was, her cookbook united generations with its timeless recipes.

Notably, Frk. Jensen’s Kogebog’s success also lies in the fact that it broke tradition. It was the first Danish cookbook to provide measurements and instructions for cooking, exponentially simplifying cooking for Danes. Today, it carries the same weight and admiration as it did over a century ago, making it an essential read for anyone wanting to learn about Danish cuisine.

Hvad er ris a la mande?

Ris a la mande, a Danish dessert, originated from France’s Rice a la Maltaise before making its way to Denmark in the 1800s. It’s a traditionally served dessert for Christmas dinners, where it’s so loved that it’s almost a Christmas tradition in itself.

Ris a la mande is a creamy, cold rice pudding with chopped almonds, vanilla, and whipped cream. A hidden almond is placed in the dish, and the person who gets the almond in their serving wins a prize or small gift. The dessert’s nutty and creamy texture, combined with the fresh whipped cream, makes it a favorite for holiday dinners.

Ingredienser og udstyr til ris a la mande

Ris a la mande requires the following ingredients:

1 liter of whole milk
200 grams of short-grain rice
100 grams of sugar
1 vanilla bean
3 dl whipped cream
40-50 grams of chopped almonds
1 whole almond
Redberry sauce

You will need to have the following equipment:

A pot and lid
A bowl
A whisk
A cutting board
A knife
A large spoon

Trin for trin: Hvordan tilbereder man ris a la mande?

1. Boil the rice for 10 minutes in 1 liter of milk before adding half a vanilla bean. Cook on low heat for 45 minutes.
2. Once the rice is cooked, it should become a creamy consistency. Take the mixture off the stove and let it cool for 15-20 minutes.
3. Remove the vanilla pod and add sugar to the rice mixture. Mix well, then let the mixture cool entirely.
4. Whip 3 dl of dish cream until it’s firm and fold it into the cold rice pudding.
5. Before serving, add chopped, roasted almonds, and hide one whole almond in the pudding.

Traditioner omkring ris a la mande i Danmark

Ris a la mande is such a vital dessert for Danish Christmas dinners that it’s almost overshadowed by the main course. The dessert’s ritual involves hiding a whole almond in the pudding before serving it, and whoever receives it in their bowl wins a small gift or prize.

Danish tradition dictates that the youngest person at the table starts the serving order and continues until the almond is found, with the youngest person getting the first serving. Besides, it’s believed that the number of rice kernels in each serving is equivalent to the number of months in the new year, promising good fortune for whoever gets the almond.

Variationer af ris a la mande opskriften

There are various ris a la mande recipes, each carrying a different taste and texture. One classic variation is the ris a la mande af risengrød, made with leftover rice porridge that’s richer and creamier than the usual recipe. Some people like to use cream instead of milk, while others add lemon zest and slivered almonds for an extra zing.

Another notable variation is risalamande med hvid chokolade, which modifies the addition of white chocolate, adding a new tangy and sweet taste. A twist on this variation is adding a splash of Amaretto or cherry liqueur, a treat for adults who’ve grown tired of the classic recipe.

For those who would prefer to maintain the original taste’s integrity, the risalamande opskrift – alletiders kogebog recipe is a perfect fit. This recipe is a perfect replica of the old Danish recipe, harking back to Frk. Jensen’s days.

Opbevaring og servering af ris a la mande

Ris a la mande is typically served at Christmas dinner, but it’s also a tasty dessert any time of the year. It’s recommended to refrigerate it if any leftovers may remain.

Ris a la mande usually tastes best chilled and served in ramekins, garnished with redberry sauce and a sprinkle of chopped almonds. Alternatively, some people like to mold the pudding, then serve it on a plate with a dollop of whipped cream and a side of cherry or cranberry sauce.


What is Frk. Jensens Kogebog?

Frk. Jensens Kogebog is a classic cookbook with various recipes for traditional Danish dishes. Its success and popularity have spanned over a century, with it becoming a fundamental cookbook for home cooks in Denmark.

What is ris a la mande?

Ris a la mande is a creamy rice pudding dessert that originates from France. It’s typically served on Christmas dinner tables in Denmark, and it’s a fan favorite for its creamy texture and nuttiness.

What ingredients do I need for ris a la mande?

Ris a la mande requires the following ingredients: 1 liter of whole milk, 200 grams of short-grain rice, 100 grams of sugar, 1 vanilla bean, 3 dl whipped cream, 40-50 grams of chopped almonds, 1 whole almond, and redberry sauce.

What equipment do I need to make ris a la mande?

You will need a pot and lid, a bowl, a whisk, a cutting board, a knife, and a large spoon.

What are the traditions associated with ris a la mande in Denmark?

Ris a la mande is typically served at Christmas dinners in Denmark. It has a long-standing tradition where a whole almond is hidden in the pudding before it’s served, and whoever gets the almond in their serving wins a gift or prize. The youngest person at the table usually starts the serving order, while the number of rice kernels in each serving is equivalent to the number of months in the new year.

What are some variations to ris a la mande?

There are various versions of ris a la mande, with some using rice porridge instead of rice, or adding in white chocolate, lemon zest, or liqueur. Alternatively, some recipes aim to maintain the original flavor, like the risalamande opskrift – alletiders kogebog.

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Ris a la mande Alletiders Kogebog

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ris a la mande af risengrød

Ris a la mande or “rice with almonds” is a traditional Danish dessert that is typically served during the holiday season, especially on Christmas Eve. It is a simple yet delicious dessert made using rice pudding, whipped cream, vanilla, and almonds. The dessert is often served with a cherry sauce or more commonly with a cherry compote on top.

It is said that ris a la mande originated in the 19th century and was traditionally served on New Year’s Eve as a symbol of good luck and prosperity for the upcoming year. Over time, it became a staple at Christmas dinners in Denmark.

Ris a la mande is a variation of the Danish dish risengrød, which is a type of rice porridge made using whole milk, rice, sugar, and cinnamon. It is usually served as a warm breakfast dish with a pat of butter and a sprinkle of cinnamon on top. In order to make ris a la mande, almonds and whipped cream are added to the rice pudding, giving it a rich and indulgent flavor.

To make ris a la mande, you first need to make the base of the dessert which is the rice pudding or risengrød. You can use leftover rice pudding from breakfast or make a fresh batch, both work equally well. However, it is important to let the pudding cool down completely before adding the whipped cream and almonds.

Once the pudding has cooled down, gently fold in the whipped cream and chopped almonds. Be sure not to overmix as the whipped cream can become runny, compromising the texture of the final dish. Some people like to add a splash of almond extract or a pinch of salt to the mixture to enhance the flavors.

The final step is to serve the dessert with the cherry compote. The compote is usually made using cherries, sugar, and a splash of lemon juice. It is simmered on low heat until the cherries have softened and the syrup has thickened. You can use fresh or frozen cherries, depending on what is available. If you prefer a sweeter sauce, you can add more sugar or honey to the mix.

Ris a la mande is a beloved tradition in Denmark and is often served as the final course of a Christmas dinner. It is typically served with a whole almond hidden inside, and whoever finds the almond is believed to have good luck for the upcoming year. In some families, it is customary to award a small prize or gift to the person who finds the almond.

While ris a la mande is a relatively simple dessert, its unique flavor and texture make it a crowd-pleaser. The combination of creamy rice pudding, crunchy almonds, and tart cherry compote is a match made in heaven. It’s no wonder that this dessert has been a holiday favorite in Denmark for over a century.


Q: Can I make ris a la mande without the almonds?
A: Yes, you can make ris a la mande without the almonds, but it won’t have the same texture and flavor. Almonds are an essential ingredient in this dessert, so we recommend using them if possible.

Q: Can I use other nuts instead of almonds?
A: Yes, you can use other nuts like pistachios, walnuts, or hazelnuts instead of almonds, but the flavor and texture of the dessert will be slightly different.

Q: Can I use a different fruit compote instead of cherry?
A: Yes, you can use other fruits like strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries instead of cherries.

Q: Can I make risengrød in the Instant Pot?
A: Yes, risengrød can be made in the Instant Pot. Simply combine the rice, milk, sugar, and cinnamon in the pot, seal the lid, and set it on high pressure for 22 minutes. Let the pressure release naturally for 10 minutes before opening the lid. Stir in any additional flavors like vanilla or almond extract before serving.

Q: Can I make risengrød with alternative milk?
A: Yes, you can make risengrød with alternative milk like almond milk, oat milk, or coconut milk, but the flavor and texture might be slightly different. Be sure to adjust the sugar and liquid ratios accordingly.

klassisk risalamande

Klassisk risalamande – en lækker juledessert

Julefrokost og julemiddag er traditioner, der hører julen til. Og begge events er ufuldstændige uden desserten – klassisk risalamande. Det er en dessert, der længe har været en favorit blandt danskere, og det er ikke svært at se hvorfor. Med sin cremede risfylde, smagfulde kirsebærsauce og en overraskelse i midten er risalamande det oplagte valg til at afslutte din julemiddag.

Historie om risalamande

Risalamande er en dansk dessert, der er blevet lavet i generationer. Historien om dessertens oprindelse er ikke helt klar, men den menes at stamme fra det sydtyske eller østrigske køkken. I Danmark blev risalamanden i første omgang serveret som en del af fastelavnsfesten. Men i løbet af årene er desserten blevet til en fundamental del af dansk julemad.

Den klassiske risalamandeopskrift blev opfundet i slutningen af 1800-tallet af Karen Blixen’s mor, Ingeborg Westenholz. I Blixens bog “Syv fantastiske fortællinger” kan man læse om en rig julemiddag med ”risengrød og risalamande.” Ingeborg Westenholz opskrift indeholder risengrød, flødeskum, vaniljesukker og hakket mandler. Kirsebærsaucen er også en essentiel del af desserten og giver den en syrlig smag.

Ingredienser til klassisk risalamande

Til at lave en portion på 8-10 personer skal du bruge:

– 1 liter risengrød (færdiglavet eller hjemmelavet)
– 2 dl flødeskum
– 1 tsk vaniljesukker
– 100 g hakket mandler (gerne ristet på panden i et par minutter)
– 1 glas (340 g) kirsebærsauce

Fremgangsmåde til at lave risalamande

– Lad risengrøden køle af i mindst 1 time i køleskabet.
– Pisk flødeskummen og vaniljesukkeret til en fast masse.
– Vend den hakkede mandel og flødeskummet ind i risengrøden og rør forsigtigt rundt.
– Hæld risalamanden i en skål og sæt den i køleskabet i mindst 1 time.
– Server med en skefuld kirsebærsauce.

FAQs om klassisk risalamande

1. Kan man bruge risengrød fra karton til klassisk risalamande?

Ja, man kan sagtens bruge færdigkøbt risengrød fra karton til at lave risalamande. Det er dog også muligt at lave sin egen risengrød fra bunden.

2. Hvordan kan man lave sin egen risengrød?

Til at lave risengrød fra bunden skal du bruge følgende ingredienser:

– 1 liter sødmælk
– 2 dl grødris
– 1 tsk vaniljesukker

Sådan laver du risengrøden:

– Hæld mælk og ris i en stor gryde. Tilsæt vaniljesukker.
– Varm blandingen op på lav varme og rør omkring indtil risene er kogt bløde (ca. 45-50 minutter).
– Tag gryden af varmen og lad risengrøden køle af i mindst 1 time, inden du bruger den til risalamanden.

3. Hvorfor er der altid en mandel i risalamanden?

Der er en gammel tradition i Danmark om at lægge en hel mandel i risalamanden. Den person, der finder mandlen i sin portion, vinder en præmie (oftest en marskat eller en lille gave). Det kan også betyde, at personen skal lave risalamanden næste år.

4. Hvordan kan man undgå at mandlen bliver synlig?

Hak mandlen i små stykker eller læg den i midten af risalamanden, så den ikke ligger alt for tæt på overfladen.

5. Kan man bruge en anden sauce end kirsebærsauce til risalamande?

Ja, det er muligt at bruge forskellige varianter af saucer i stedet for kirsebærsauce. Flere områder i Danmark har deres egen tradition om at servere risalamande med en specifik type sauce. For eksempel er det i Sønderjylland tradition at servere risalamande med en hindbærsauce, mens det i andre områder er brugt at servere den med en chokoladesauce.

6. Kan man lave risalamande uden mandler?

Ja, det er muligt at lave risalamande uden mandler. Det kan dog påvirke smagen af desserten, da mandlerne tilføjer en særlig smagsdybde og struktur.

Klassisk risalamande med en overraskelse gemt i midten er et fantastisk valg, når man ønsker at tilføje lidt ekstra julet temperament til julemiddagen. Det er en nem og velsmagende dessert, som alle vil nyde. Så lad os alle samles om mødet omkring dessertskålen og lad julens sjæl blive fyldt med en lækker og traditionel juledessert.

ris a la mande dansk?

Ris a la mande er en klassisk dansk dessert, som traditionelt serveres til juleaften. Den lækre risret er elsket af danskerne og anses ofte som en af ​​de mest symbolske desserter, der er forankret i den danske kultur.

Ingredienserne i ris a la mande inkluderer almindelige basisingredienser som kogte ris, mælk, fløde og sukker. Derefter tilsættes også en smule vanilje, tørrede frugter som rosiner og endelig mandler.

Mandlerne har en særlig rolle i ris a la mande, da det i Danmark er tradition for, at man putter én hel mandel i retten, og så skal gæsterne gætte, hvem der får mandlen. Den person, som får mandlen, får en lille gave eller præmie.

Ris a la mande er en ret, som man ofte ser i julemåneden, og som danskerne ofte forbinder med hyggelige stunder og familie.

Historien bag ris a la mande

Historisk set blev ris a la mande introduceret i Danmark i slutningen af ​​1800-tallet som en luksuriøs dessert til de velhavende.

I dag har retten stadig visse assosiationer til luksus og hygge, men den er blevet meget mere folkelig og kan findes på menukortene i mange danske hjem i julemåneden.

Det er også værd at bemærke, at ris a la mande oprindeligt stammer fra Frankrig, hvor den blev serveret for kongen som en del af et større måltid.

Hvordan laver man ris a la mande?

At lave ris a la mande er faktisk ganske simpelt. Først koger man risene i vand, indtil de er bløde. Derefter hældes mælk, fløde og sukker over risene, og blandingen koges op.

Når blandingen er kogt op, skal det småkoge i cirka 30 minutter, så risene kan suge de øvrige ingredienser til sig. Når risene er færdige, tages panden af ​​varmen, og der tilsættes vanilje, rosiner og mandelsplitter.

Når retten er færdig, serveres den typisk kold med kirsebærsauce eller kirsebærsovs på toppen. Til sidst tilsættes en hel mandel, og så er desserten klar til at blive serveret.


1. Hvad er forskellen på risengrød og ris a la mande?

Risengrød og ris a la mande er to forskellige retter. Risengrød er en traditionel dansk ret lavet af ris, mælk, sukker og evt. smør. Ris a la mande er en dessert ligesom risengrød, men med tilsætning af fløde, tørrede frugter og mandler.

2. Kan man lave ris a la mande uden mandler?

Ja, man kan sagtens undlade mandlerne i ris a la mande eller erstatte dem med noget andet, hvis man foretrækker det.

3. Hvilken slags ris skal man bruge i ris a la mande?

Traditionelt set bruger man ris med en lang kornsort, såsom Basmati ris. dog kan man også benytte rundkornet ris, såsom pärlris.

4. Hvorfor putter man en hel mandel i ris a la mande?

Det er en gammel dansk tradition at putte en hel mandel i ris a la mande. Person, der får mandlen i sin portion, kan modtage en gave eller præmie.

5. Hvad kan jeg servere sammen med ris a la mande?

Traditionelt set er kirsebærsauce eller kirsebærsovs en oplagt følgesvend til ris a la mande. Man kan tilføje andre typer frugtsaucer eller syltetøj – det kan også være friske bær eller frugt.

6. Kan ris a la mande fryses?

Ja, det er muligt at fryse ris a la mande ned. Det anbefales, at man tager retten ud af fryseren nogle timer, inden den skal serveres, så den kan tempereres op og få den rigtige konsistens.

7. Kan ris a la mande laves som en vegansk dessert?

Ja, det er muligt at lave ris a la mande som en vegansk dessert. Man kan erstatte mælken og fløden med plantebaserede alternativer, såsom soya- eller mandelmælk.


Ris a la mande er traditionelt en dansk dessert, som ofte serveres omkring jul. Retten består af kogte ris, mælk, fløde, sukker og tørrede frugter som rosinert, og serveres ofte med kirsebærsauce og en hel mandel.

Selvom ris a la mande er en ret med historiske rødder og stærk forankring i den danske kultur, er det stadig en populær dessert i dag, som mange danskere nyder at spise i december måned.

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Ris a la mande Alletiders Kogebog
Ris a la mande Alletiders Kogebog

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